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Baby Zone Massage

Baby Massage is a fun way to learn your baby's needs through the art of touch. It helps to strengthen the already developing bond between parent and baby. 

It can also help with relief from colic, reflux, wind, constipation, teething and it can help to promote better sleep!!



Baby Zone Yoga

Babies benefit greatly from being touched and held. Holding a baby close satisfies their need for closeness and affection which helps with the overall bond between parent and baby. Yoga also has many health benefits, some of which are:


  • Strenthens the muscular system
  • Develops babies sense of spacial awareness
  • Develops flexibility
  • Develops their gross and fine motor skills
  • Stimulates their senses
  • Helps mums body to realign after birth



Baby Zone Messy Play

Do you like the idea of messy play but dont want the hassle of

cleaning it all up afterwards??

Well, messy play sessions are for you. Take a look at the above tab for more information.







Baby Zone Messy Play Birthday Parties


Bespoke messy play session for your child's birthday party.
For more information, visit the party tab.


Baby Zone Gift Certificates

Have you ever wondered what to a get a new mum as a gift?

Why not give her the gift of a Baby Zone Gift Voucher?

Can be bought in multiples of £10 and can be used for any of the Baby Zone services.



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